Sushi-Passion 寿司

My partner is food obsessed, especially with Japanese dishes. When we plan to eat out and I let her choose the restaurant, we usually end up in a sushi bar.

Here are a few snapchats of here main nutrition: raw fish. Yes, I really do love her.

Fortunaley, Vienna offers a wide range of sushi restaurants. The first picture was taken in Vienna’s Grand Hotel. They offer amazing sushi brunches on Sundays where you can watch the cooks creating the types of sushi you prefer. My girlfriend tends to pile up sake 鮭 (salmon) and maguro 鮪 (tuna) sushi on her plate.

Maki, Sushi, Sashimi – there are no preferences when it comes to traditional Japanese dishes.

On this photo, you can see a bowl of salmon sashimi topped with avocado, nori stripes and caviar. Usually, this dish would be served warm, the fish fried only for a moment. S. asked the chef whether he would mind serving the salmon raw- without frying. The cook was kind of astonished (some girl ruining his master piece) but in the end he submitted to his guest’s request and threw in some wasabi and ginger. Bless this man!

The last photo shows this magnificent sushi boat. It looks like a lot of food, but my darling was hungry and wouldn’t share that much sashimi. She wasn’t that eager to part with the high protein fish, but in the end she simply decided to order more desserts.


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